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Our education system seems to be in doldrums. Students from the world over are flocking to other countries for a better education. And online schools seem to be the most touted solution at home. But are they really all that they are being made out to be? Can online learning really help us achieve what conventional schooling methods seem to be failing at? Well, the answer lies in the statistics. Students have reported a marked increase in performance levels. More than just grades, their learning capacities seem to have received a boost with the use of more modern methods of imparting education. But can all this be real? The concerns of parents and educators are justified. Read on to find out really just how beneficial online homeschooling can be.Recent statistics have reported American students fare much worse than their counterparts from Europe and Asia when it comes to basic skills and general awareness. Our education system seems to have held on to more traditional teaching methods while the rest of the world has powered ahead. We have had more high school dropouts in recent years than ever before. The main question that pops up is – Why? Until a few years ago, the United States of America was considered the most favored destination for higher education among foreign students. Now, students prefer European countries and even some Asian nations for securing their higher education degrees. What has changed so drastically in the last few years? In simple terms – Globalization powered by the Internet.

Students are now seeking out better and more productive methods of education that focus on student engagement rather than just the method of delivery. Conventional education systems tend to cause boredom for most students, which is a key challenge that can be overcome by online learning programs. In fact, one of the most important advantages online homeschooling offers students is the possibility to engage with their learning material in a more comprehensive manner that is not limited by the amount of time they spend learning their course material. Students have cited engagement levels of such programs as the number one reason for increased interest in their course material. And why not? After all, isn’t studying online a lot more fun than just sitting in a four-walled classroom listening to a teacher lecture?


Learning in an online environment also prevents students from being distracted, especially by those who may be inclined to indulge in disruptive behavior. Moreover,online schools employ environments that facilitate the free exchange of information between students and their teachers and among themselves as well, without the real fear of being ridiculed. Children are encouraged to open up and express themselves freely, which not only contributes toward better absorption of the course material but also enhances their level of confidence. Studies show that children are more likely to just move along with the entire classroom without clarifying certain doubts for fear of being ridiculed by their peers. Online homeschooling does away with this and instead promotes much healthier environment for the holistic development of students.

If you’re still wondering about the effectiveness of online learning programs then all you need to do is look up statistics on the enrollment of students for online courses in the country. In addition to that, the statistics pertaining to foreign students seeking to enroll with our schools for online degrees and diplomas are mind-boggling. There are primarily 2 reasons for that – the quality of education we impart and the costs involved. While our traditional schools have failed to keep up, our online schools have moved ahead by leaps and bounds. Moreover, the exorbitant costs for education in our country serve as the main deterrent for most foreign students. Why spend so much for an education they could very easily get in another country for half the price? And yes, the quality of education seems to be a lot better than what we offer our students here. Is it any wonder then that our own students are now seeking to go abroad for higher studies?


Enrolling for online courses helps not only foreign students but also our own American children secure quality education at a fraction of the cost they would otherwise incur. Post the economic crisis,online schools have offered us a viable alternative to conventional schooling – one that the average American can afford. Educators across the country are already optimistic about the future of online learning in our country. Add to that the immense flexibility such online courses offer, and you’ve got a great thing going for you. If only more people took the time to fully understand how these systems work before jumping to predetermined conclusions. Sure, they’re unconventional methods of teaching. But we do live in unconventional times as well. Changing times call for new measures and new approaches to the same old problems.

If you’re still wondering about whether these systems are the future, then ask yourself – Do you really see any other viable alternative? Is there any other solution that offers you the same quality of education (if not better) than that offered by conventional schools? Can that solution deliver what you need in an economically viable manner? When you think about the solution being economically viable, it doesn’t just apply to the students enrolling for the courses but for our teachers as well. With the amount of effort they put in and the encouragement they offer our children, don’t they deserve better? Online homeschooling helps them secure job opportunities that would otherwise have been out of reach. They can now interact with students not only from a different state but from a different country as well, and that too without either side needing to travel.

That’s how powerful the Internet is. Forming the foundation for globalization, the Internet now powers almost all of our enterprises and businesses. Why shouldn’t it power our education system? Online platforms can be immensely beneficial to us, if only one cared to look hard enough.

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