Are Online High School Diplomas Accredited?

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Are Online High School Diplomas Accredited?

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An online high school is a degree being awarded to those students who enroll themselves in an online accredited institution and complete the coursework and other assignments which includes from grade 9 to 12. The student studies in a virtual environment get lectures from the teachers in both ways i.e. the recorded tutorials and live lectures also. The students are given certain assignments which they have to complete and submit before the deadline. The students are also asked to test their skills via the online exam being conducted by these virtual schools. After the completion of all the formalities is a student bestowed with a high school diploma.

These online high school diplomas are designed and awarded to those students who for some or the other reason were left out or couldn’t get the diploma from a traditional school. This medium is a blessing in disguise for these students. The online high school diplomas are rendered by the accredited or recognized institutions.

Beware Of Diploma Mills

Ever since this craze of earning the online high school diploma through the online medium has started, many shammed institutions which claim to be accredited give the diplomas. These institutions give widely accepted diploma programs and other types of rigorous courses.But wait and watch before you take your next step forward. You must understand that not all the online or virtual world institutions are accredited and some of them are unaccredited too. These diploma mills institutes might claim their center to be authorized and accredited by the concerned authorities but the truth is the majority of them are fake. You need to be informed about the unaccredited programs, because what is the ultimate use of earning a diploma when this degree is shown the doors every by employer or recruiter you reach out to.

How Do You Choose The Best Accredited Online High School?

To choose a premium or well reputed and online high school for yourself, you first need to ensure that the online school you are associating yourself with is accredited by reliable education agencies. For this, you need to follow certain steps.

  • Ask for accredited documents- in order to check the program`s credentials you can directly ask the school authorities for accreditation. The fake schools or the diploma mills might either show laxity in coming up with the documents or might either falsely claim of accreditation. They might also produce documents of those agencies that do not adhere to the academic standards while granting over the accreditation.
  • Federal State Commission- the department asks individuals to get in touch with the admission officer of a online high school personally and asking for accreditation documents of the school. The students in order to verify can also call at the state attorney`s office to inquire about the legitimacy or the genuineness of a school or a program it offers.
  • Check the reviews- before contacting the school administration, do a bit of homework yourself only. Check the website of the school and check for the reviews of it on other websites too. Get some help from your friends and guardians before taking a final decision. Most of the fake online high schools would lure you towards themselves under the pretext of less fee or different other kinds of perks. But you need to act smart and enquire in depth about the institution you are enrolling in.
  • Say no to lucrative offers- you will certainly come across number of institutions which put up lucrative offers in front of you like charging a very low amount of the course or program, claiming to give the degree within weeks or even days, detailing that their course require no coursework or lecture attends, and even going on to the extent of saying that they grant degree on your work experience only. These are few exceptional yet prevalent tactics being adopted by the diploma mills in order to clutch in the students. You just have to shut off such claims or phone calls made to you. A real institution would never act like an “ad-centric” school and would never pester a student to join it.

Forest Trail Academy

Forest Trail Academy is one of the best or perhaps the best virtual online high school based in the USA. It provides online education and degrees to students from all over the world. It renders courses from elementary, medium, junior and senior secondary (9-12). The online diploma programs are awarded after completing the senior secondary school with the institution. Its degrees are highly recognized and accepted all over the world.

Regarding the accreditation of the academy, it is accredited and recognized by four agencies. These are:

  • SACS CASI- Southern Association of Colleges and School Council on Accreditation & School Improvements is a leading and advanced education agency which aspires to make sure that each and every child is benefitted with education all over the globe
  • MSA CESS- Middle Schools Association and the Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools accredits private, public, chartered, non- degree schools. It also grants accreditation to special purpose schools, supplementary education centre etc.
  • Accreditation International- it ensures that the institution maintains the educational standards and there is continuous improvements being done in the field of education by the schools in order to motivate student learning.
  • National council for private school accreditation- the accreditation agency focuses on promoting and supporting independent online schools and encourages them to perform better.


  • Mature and experienced staff takes care of the well being of the enrollers. All the queries and issues are resolved at priority. Moreover a student is free to raise and issue or problem of his at any point of his tenure.
  • The academy also provides a complete and college preparatory curriculum for the students. The students gain considerable knowledge from these specialized and designed programs.
  • Since it is one of the premium and highly reputed virtual school, it exhibits brilliant performance.
  • Parents are welcomed all the times by the management. They can very well take report of their ward`s at any time from the school management. Plus, any issue whatsoever can solemnly be discussed with the school`s management

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