4 Signs It’s Time To Make The Switch From Homeschool To Online School

Homeschool as well as online school have both been considered to be feasible alternatives to public and private schools. However,...

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4 Signs It’s Time To Make The Switch From Homeschool To Online School 1

Homeschool as well as online school have both been considered to be feasible alternatives to public and private schools. However, since the virtual element is there in case of an online school, it is a bit more advanced and convenient way of learning when compared to a homeschool. Moreover, since traditional homeschooling demands a lot of parental intervention, it is not always the number one choice for every family. Also, makes it difficult for children to stay motivated and on track.

Here are the top 4 signs that indicate that it is the right time to make the switch from homeschool to online school:


It is likely for you as well as your children to get all worked up when you have been homeschooling since a long time. In fact, it is pretty normal for you to get overwhelmed with homeschooling. Homeschooling can be more than exhausting, especially when you are the one who is loaded with a huge number of responsibilities. Things get worse when you need to juggle other responsibilities like work, caring for younger children, and maintaining a household along with homeschooling your child.

Teaching in itself is a challenging task. The challenge gets heightened when you need to deal with multiple subjects while teaching your children. You need to master the subject yourself before teaching the same to your children. When you try to cover a variety of subjects with more than one child, things can get messed up. It gets even more hectic when each child belongs to a different grade! The complexity is humongous!

When the other family members are not able or not willing to reduce the load from you, you usually start considering a more convenient way to provide your children with a good-quality education.


Teaching includes art and science in equal parts. Being a proper teacher without having undergone training, can be a more than a challenge. There are many homeschooling parents who even find themselves entangled in a never-ending series of self-doubt. This self-doubt not only lowers the confidence level and self-worth but also worsens the performance in all aspects. However, it does not imply that you are not well educated or do not understand the subject matter. You need to understand that teaching requires adequate training and certain specific tactics for it to be effective on students. After all, teaching is a lot more than just having the bookish knowledge.

Teachers who are specialized and certified spend several years in college studying topics like child psychology, cognitive development, teaching theory, instructional design, and more. They are taught as to which curriculum to use, how to adapt materials to the student’s specific learning style, keeping the student challenged and motivated, even if they are academically advanced. They learn how to help children overcome learning difficulties. These are all parts of an ideal formal training for any teacher.

Certain times parents, especially those who successfully homeschool for elementary grades might feel the need for a teacher’s assistance when their child transitions to the middle and high school. Most of such parents consider finding a new educational solution to ensure that their students can learn algebra, calculus, world languages, physics, and other higher-level courses. They want to impart a high-quality education to their children that shall condition them to tackle college-level work in future.


When homeschooling, you shall be needed to researching and build up curriculum and learning materials for your children. This process can be pretty taxing as well as overwhelming. It can be easier for some concepts and skills to fall in place when the subject matter increases in difficulty. When your concerns are related to this factor, you might be more comfortable with a virtual school that offers a curriculum developed by education professionals to ensure your student gets a wholesome education. Only a high-quality accredited online school can provide you with access to your student’s lessons, grades, and teachers. This is important for you to evaluate and confirm your child’s progress and nothing else.

Also, a virtual homeschool usually offers a higher level of structure and academic support that is lacking in case of homeschooling.


The simplest reason for you to switch from homeschooling to online school can be your child’s lack of motivation. Homeschooling might not work for your child at all. It might not be challenging or engaging for your child at all. The worst part is that you might end up blaming yourself for your child’s lack of interest in his homeschooling course.

Whether your child is confused, aggravated, bored or showing any other emotion, it can all indicate that it is the right time to switch. Though these emotions are bound to occur occasionally with any form of education, but if these issues turn out to be disturbingly consistent, consider enrolling your child to an online high school as soon as possible.

Always trust your basic instincts when it comes to how your child feels about his or her education. You should be able to sense if there is a deeper underlying issue that could be addressed by switching to a more feasible alternative form of education like the online school.

Online schools usually provide a safe and sound environment for kids to grow academically and personally as well. The best part is that virtual schools usually make use of multiple formats to garner the attention of students. They employ video lessons, audio-books, PowerPoint presentations, high resolution images and graphics, and several other mediums to engage the students and stimulate their minds. Also, online schools provide a structured curriculum for every category of students. The curriculum does not have to be built up right from the scratch. At the same time, you can customize the curriculum as per the learning style of your child. Here lies the beauty of taking classes in an online school!

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