10 Easy Ways to Do Everyday Math with Your Young Child

Math is a common phobia for most of the kids. It is important for parents to embrace various smart ways...

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10 Easy Ways to Do Everyday Math with Your Young Child 1

Math is a common phobia for most of the kids. It is important for parents to embrace various smart ways to make their kids take interest in the subject.


Do dinner and Math together!
As a parent, you might have many responsibilities. One such task is preparing dinner. During the dinner time when you’re thinking about getting dinner ready, you can create mathematical moments as well. Might not have come across your mind, right?

In fact, you can have your child help you in the kitchen. This way you will get someone to help you in the preparation of the dinner as well as helping them understand math a bit better. You can actually think of a bunch of simple tactics to develop math problem-solving techniques. Keep in mind that kitchen can a real-life school for kids, no matter what his age is.

Do Math while traveling
It is a fact that road trips or any type of travel are a smart way to get away from any form of pressure. They offer a bunch of feasible and effective opportunities to practice math.

You can play several games as well to help your child learn more about numbers. You can also help your child learn a good deal about budgeting meal money, calculating the expense of gas or the distance etc.

Do Math at the Grocery Store
We often have daily chores to execute. Grocery shopping is one such chore. Most of the times, it is stressful. Certainly, you can the trip, whether long or short, really productive for your child. You can engage him in some effective form of math learning. You can very well practice doing estimations of cost, budgeting etc. You can even teach your child the art of bargaining in the go!

Try Math with refreshment drink
Math is pretty much required in day-to-day life. You can come up with several innovative ideas to help your child learn about the number game. Your child is more likely to learn math skills when he feels relaxed and sorted. A simple lemonade drink can get him relaxed and teaching math at such a time can be truly productive. When your child feels no pressure, he clearly won’t be scared of math. Thus, he can learn several new math skills with an open mind. You can teach him several simple topics such as algebra, profit, and loss, probability etc. Just make sure he gets his favorite drink in the list!

Go for games and quizzes
There are many virtual courses that incorporate math games and quizzes to make learning math a fun affair for your child. Detect such online courses and enroll your child. Online courses can be basic as well as advanced. Depending on your child’s grade, learning capacity and learning pattern, you need to identify just the right online math program for your child. Even if you are working yourself, your child won’t suffer since he is usually provided with a reliable set of teachers to guide him well. In case you are homeschooling your child, make sure to incorporate several math-related fun activities to make it fun for your child.

Teaching math while carpooling
Carpooling can be a boring affair for most of you. You can make it fun for yourselves as well as your child by incorporating some math! Carpooling usually constitutes a good deal of time driving from house to house. It might even involve a lot of time driving your kids back into their rooms. When you use math, it can ease a good deal of the frustration.

Usually, carpooling offers a chance to have your children learn more about time. After all, carpooling involves a good deal of time. Your child gets an idea as to how much time you need and how much time you have.

Teaching about time while cleaning up a room
Cleaning is a daily chore as well. It clearly involves the concept of estimation. This task can be a real-life experience of time for your child. You can, in fact, make him do some cleaning as well. You can do so by setting a timer. You can then ask them to just finish the cleaning job within the set time.

Inform your child about debt, if any
There is a high chance for debt to be a part of your life. Even if you do not have any debt, you can teach your child a good deal about debt. It is important for him to know. After all, budget deficits are common in the news!

Debt pretty much involves borrowing and sharing. Teach your child what interest is. Teach him how to calculate it nicely. You can use easy and fun strategies to help teach your kids math.

Make counting fun
Counting forms the basic! You ought to make it fun for your child to be really good at it. It is important for your kid to know the numbers really well. You can simply count the objects from 1 to 10. Seeing you count repeatedly will certainly help them to do it themselves. However, it is important for you to know your child well and how his mind works.

You must know that when he learns to count, the basic math principles will seem easy to him. Thus, it would not create much pressure on your child. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division will come easily to him.

Make use of daily objects
You can use simple items such as pennies, books, fruit, vegetables, stamps etc.to help your child become better at counting. This will surely impact your child if he is a visual learner and most kids are visual learners. Physical objects add an extra dimension.

When you count several types of items, it expands your child’s thought process to a great deal. Counting various objects can help your child learn math better and faster.

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