What is it like to attend Forest Trail Academy high school?

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What Is It Like To Attend Forest Trail Academy High School?

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Forest Trail Academy is an online accredited high school based in the USA. It is perhaps one of the best online education institutions in the world. But before we proceed to ponder over and highlighting some of the benefits of the academy, let us go in detail over the fundamental structure on which the ideology of the academy rest i.e. teaching students through online education.

High school diplomas are essential requirements today. Sans this basic degree, you won`t be able to go for higher education, won`t be able to apply for jobs. Even if you land up with a job you may be deprived of a higher pay scale just because you lack a high school diploma certificate. So it won`t be wrong to say that education is the need of the hour. Irrespective of what mode you are attaining It from whether it`s online or real-time classroom session.

Online education today has grasped a large number of students from across the world and it has brought a huge revolution in the field of education. It is a 21st-century gift today and it has opened doors for students from all over the world to get an education which they want. Especially the underprivileged students, students from army backgrounds find this medium of education very attractive. Online education though it sounds new may send one into a thoughtful series of question questioning its credibility, its importance, and its sheer relevance. But if we analyze this mode of education, we would come across a number of valid reasons and scintillating facts which dignify that this is one of the best mediums for education.

Benefits Of Online Education

  • Self-paced learning- one of the biggest pros of online learning is that it lets a student learn at his own pace. Especially for the weaker lot, this online education suits well since it saves him from the perpetual bullying sessions in the school. There is no pressure whatsoever and the assignments are given a considerable time period for completion. At FTA, the school has a customized student interest based curriculum that adheres to the standard levels of education. So learning at own pace makes it easier for a student to absorb and grasp things at his own comfort levels.
  • Low cost- cost is one of the biggest factors why students these days are shifting to online education. The high-end monthly tuition fee which runs in thousands of dollars per annum makes it difficult for the parents to bear education especially when there are more than 2-3 siblings. But at FTA, all you need to pay is a registration amount along with the annual tuition fee at once. Rest there are no charges included. Comparatively the online education is much cheaper and affordable than the traditional system of learning.
  • Complete schooling- forest Trail Academy provides complete schooling to students. It`s a K12 accredited online school that provides education from kindergarten to elementary to high school i.e. 9-12. The high school diploma awarded by this institution is highly accredited degree. So there is no need to shuffle and switch schools since that not only disrupts the studies it also affects the performance of the student to an extent.
  • Comfort- one of the core reasons why many students drop out of their real-time schools is because they find it extremely difficult to spend the entire day at one place. Many at times, the distance between the school and home is so high that the commuting charges start competing with the monthly tuition fees. By enrolling in online school, these students can easily study from the comforts of their homes. All they need is a laptop with a suitable internet connection. They also do not need to appear for lectures every day. Once or twice in a week is more than enough.
  • High flexibility- if a student is working as a part-timer or has some family responsibilities, he can easily switch to the online high school. By doing so, both the needs would be met and he would also be dispensed with the high school diploma once he gets the required credits. Flexibility in the nature of online education has worked as one of the staunchest reasons why it is preferred.
  • Different types of programs- the online education also are hailed because it comes up with programs which even the traditional schools don’t have. For instance, FTA along with the high school curriculum also offers Credit Recovery and Advanced Placement programs which today aren’t offered even by the traditional schools. So, this variety in the genre of courses and programs makes it diversified. Students who have active interests in these courses can apply. Moreover, FTA also offers special summer courses, prescriptive programs, along with correspondence programs like secular correspondence and Christian correspondence programs.
  • Reputed degree- many consider the high school diplomas attained from these online schools to be uncertified and unacknowledged. But this is isn’t true. Degrees and diplomas from reputed institutions like FTA are highly considered today. It`s one of the biggest online schools in the world today. Being accredited by reliable educational agencies today, FTA has in a way broken all the stereotypical questions which always hovered around online education.

The Key Strengths Of FTA

Besides having a number of benefits in its favor, there are some strengths of the academy which makes it so renowned and different from other online high schools.

Summarizing them below:

  • User-friendly approach in terms of academic planning.
  • A matured and experienced staff that caters to the needs of the students.
  • Accreditation from some dignified educational institutes.
  • A positive attitude adopted by the teachers which push the students to do well always.
  • A clear purpose of understanding and vision in the students.
  • A friendly and warm atmosphere adopted by staff.
  • Continuous improvement in the curriculum.
  • A customized application personalized for the students.
  • A separate login page for the parents. Parents here can track their child`s progress and can also communicate with the teachers.
  • Teachers and instructors monitoring the progress of children.
  • Reviewing and monitoring the progress of each student.

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